Llegó la inyección electrónica al TR. Pero no para todos los TR5. En USA el TR5 se comercializó como TR250 y equipaba carburadores Stromberg


Notapor kyberman » 06 Feb 2011 12:09

Hola, a todos los foreros.
Problemas y líos me han hecho "olvidar", descuidar, mi Tr en el garage cerca de mes y medio.
Creo que le he agotado la bateria intentando arrancarlo. Luego, pensando, creo que no hacía chispa la bujia, por que le motor nunca ha hecho intento de girar...
¿ que os parece ?
Estaba pensando en sacar bujias y limpiar los cabezalesy tirar algo de gasoliana por la cuba del carburador ¿ sería buen idea ?
El caso es que de no estar en el sotano-garage, con un pequeño empujón lo arranco enseguida.
Siempre me arranca rápido; las cuento, y tardando mucho tiempo en moverlo, casi nunca más de 20 giros de motor de arranque, bombeando con el pedal, estrangulador puesto y desembragado: ¿sugerencias...? :oops:
grcias jse
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Re: despistado

Notapor Jaime » 06 Feb 2011 22:14

Hola jse ?

Pués es muy fácilito, mira :

Hay que cargar la bateria y si no arranca no insistas que la volverás a perder, habrá que mirar por otro lado. Mas o menos por este oreden

1º Descartar problema eléctrico, que los bornes de la batería esté bien limpios y apretados, idem el cable que va a masa (-), y los que van a la bobina. Sueltas una bujia y puesta en el cable la acercas a una parte metálica y un amigo que le dé al arranque 2 vueltas para comprobar que tiene "chispa".

2º Si hay gasolina suficiente en el depósito. Soltando el tubito de goma que llega al caburador, dale a la palanquita de la bomba de gasolina hasta que salga y vuelves a poner el tubito. Si el TR ha estado parado un tiempo, la próxima vez le das a esa palanquita le costará menos vueltas para arrancar.

3º Si todo eso esta bien y NO arranca, abrochate mas fuerte el cinturón....!!! Es broma. Limpia las bujias y mientras dale unas vueltas al arranque para que desengrase los cilindros...compruebas que esten en su sitio, supongo que para eso tienes el manual, no ? Si tampoco y no notas que hace de arrancar, hay que ver de distribuidor, en su caso la bomba de gasolina o los carburadores.

4º Si no lo consigues quizás debas llamar al mecánico, el ClubTR tiene uno,... Ah!, la grúa es gratis en la mayoría de nuestros seguros especiales para clásicos.

Suerte, olé :geek: y abrazos

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Re: despistado

Notapor kyberman » 06 Mar 2011 12:57

Jaime muchas gracias por tus detalladas explicaciones " paso a paso "; aunque algunas cosas ya las había intentado, volveré a hacerlo de nuevo con más detenimiento...
Por ciero, las bujías las he limpiado, a falta de hacerlo ¿con gasolina? y un cepillito, cepillando con cuidado el borne, con un cepillo metálico ¿ es correcto ?...
Aunque soy de Valencia, el que haya grua y demáas puede ser interesante; me informaré del seguro que ofertáis, que para hacérmelo en otro sitio prefiero hacerlo aquí.
Gracias por todo , jse :D
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Re: despistado

Notapor lbsilvina » 05 Ago 2013 16:36

Muchas gracias por los aportes. A mi me pasó lo mismo y no sabía cómo solucionarlo pero por fin lo pude hacer

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Notapor G7PAk6U0BH » 29 Abr 2018 04:31

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This is a delightful book that I love to read on cold wintry nights when I snuggle up in bed on several pillows and a warm, cozy blanket over my shoulders. Samuel 26:10David also said, "As the LORD lives, surely the LORD will strike him, or his day will come that he dies, or he will go down into battle and perish.EDIT: Holy(sic)shit! Fastest hate swell for their own words evar! 48 in 8 minutes!BeifongWingedBoar 3 points submitted 19 days agoIt so frustrating doing a run where I die in stage 3 of the boss because my weapons all miss when the Zoltan shield is still up (meaning I can board), only to see my friend do a run right after and get a Flak floating in space, another Flak from a quest, a Vulcan at a sector 1 store, a Burst Laser 2 from a ship in exchange for not killing them, and see him just breeze through everything because he got the good RNG..

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Notapor edEfyBQlAG » 29 Abr 2018 05:55

It is often said that something "isn't rocket science" when inferring that it just isn't all that tough to understand once the emotions are set aside. Which leads me to another point, that all of the too numerous to name movies in recent years depicting doomsday scenarios cannot be considered a mere coincidence.

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VO2MAX (ml/min) and maximal ventilation were 84% and 71% higher in the rowers than non athletes. The cows were also kept in tight quarters which made it more difficult to adhere to a safe standard of cleanliness. You will make amends with whatever it is you are dealing with and this time, as rough as it is, will make you a stronger person moving forward in your journey.

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Grandma had been famous dancer back in the day. Select leaves that are a bit moist and supple. Have plenty of snacks on hand, and serve then concession style from your kitchen. With that said. The Neon Cactus: On Thursdays, pay a $5 cover to get in.
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But like a knit tie, buttondown shirt, and cotton blazer with soft shoulders? Not the worst thing in the world, I don think.. A small room just off the chapel is the source of hauntings from spirits who suffered a horrible death. Assholes and scammers (wolves and weasels?) aren going to stop me from trying again..

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The first two times were at a piercing/tattoo parlor and the last time was at claires. Families put up a Christmas tree, called a "tree of light," and decorate it with beautiful lanterns, flowers, and red paper chains that symbolize happiness. It will feel like crap.

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Look for a movable wheel frame. (in mainland Greece). Yeah I totally didn mean to put that floury handprint on your back. The last Heisman OSU saw was with Eddie George in 1995. The Chilean style beef version is the favorite and there's usually a creative vegetarian option on the menu..

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The simplest, shortest answer is, "the stock market." The fact is that oil, (or any other commodity for that matter), that is traded on the open market, is subject to the whims of price speculators buying 'futures' and other deals designed to deliberately drive the prices up for their own private profits.

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Cut out block and set skiimmers in place. Every once in a while the boxes contain something interesting. It more the equivalent of responding with "brown lives matter" or "gay lives matter". Fans of the series choose this name for intramural teams in a variety of sports, including kickball, volleyball and softball, and it seemed to bring good luck to the Miami University intramural kickball team, who won top prize using this name three years in a row..

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Believe it or not, some people are naturally good at the game and some people have spent hours and hours playing games that translated well into PUBG or they play a shitton of PUBG. Use one of these ideas or combine some of them together for a more elaborate cake..

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